Dad refusing to chop off sons penis

There’s plenty of laws in this country protecting children, from labor laws to the classic statutory rape and pedophilia ones that apply to everyone who isn’t giving sermons on Sundays in Catholic churches. This is done for a number of reasons, but the most obvious is because children are fucking idiots who haven’t fully developed the brain capacity to make educated decisions towards their own well-being. It’s common sense that we probably shouldn’t be letting people under a certain age who still have their mothers pick their clothes out before school and not only wonder, but also decide to find out, what crayons taste like making choices that will effect the entirety of their life. This goes up the chain to the ones who are almost at the end of the river of adolescence and months away from having the right to vote and buy porn and cigarettes (or legally look at free porn and buy juuls I guess now) thinking they know whats best for them. Sure that 24 year old guy says he loves you and is willing to buy you and your friends beer, little 16 year old Suzy, but he’s only after one thing and then he’s going to leave you. Which is why if you let him play ball on a grassless field, he’s going to find himself behind bars for a while, living out his own rape situation in the showers.

This is because, as terrible as it sounds, adults do actually know what they’re talking about, some of the time at least, and children are fucking impulsive morons. Down in Texas, we have a case of some adults with a sound mind, arguing with other adults, who somehow slipped through the cracks of Doctoral school and get to sign off letters with the harrowed initials MD after their name, yet clearly have no common sense.

Jeff Younger and his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician, AKA someone who spends a lot of time with children and presumably would be a smart individual, are going through a divorce. Normally, this wouldn’t be news worthy, since like 99% of marriages end in divorce now, however there’s a catch to the custody battle raging for their twin boys. Key word there being boys. The father wants sole custody because the mother apparently is going to move forward and allow one of the boys, James, to transition to a girl. I should probably also mention, the boys are 7 years old.

Listen, if you want to transition to the opposite gender, one qualification should be whether you can rent a car yet by yourself, or you know, wipe your own ass. The mother is basing this gender switch on the fact that the kid has been claiming he wants to be a girl, go by the name Luna, and wears dresses. I’ll remind you again, he’s fucking 7. When I was 7 I wanted to be a professional wrestler who fought crime at night. True story. Did my parents feed into this and decide to jack my fat little 7 year old body up with steroids and address me as “Flying Ryan” (my wrestler/superhero name)? No. They did what reasonable people do and fed into it enough to allow my creative, stupid, 7 year old half developed brain to live out my fantasy in our home long enough that I eventually moved on and decided I wanted to be a Fireman instead. And then a cop. And then a fucking dog, because I was 7 and I had no idea how the world works and that it wasn’t possible to be a god damn dog when you grow up. Again, because I was fucking 7.

The worst part is the jury ruled in favor of the mother, giving her custody of the kid and allowing her to enable his current childlike wonder into a full fledged life where his choice of the name “Luna” is going to probably be followed often with “tic”. The fact that people sat there and decided a 7 year old is of sound mind to decide he wants to get rid of the little white tootsie roll between his legs and live the rest of his life out as another gender forced to take pills to keep the hair from growing on his face makes absolutely no sense. Shouldn’t the balls have dropped before someone can decide they don’t want them? The kids on his couch eating boogers, watching cartoons and playing dress up and his mother thinks he has life figured out. I’m 31 and don’t have life figured out. Little Billy Booger nose sure as shit doesn’t either.

The father must also be an awful person with a horrendous background if he can’t get custody. The mother is literally saying under oath she’s gonna chop her babys dick off and the jury still thinks she’s a better parent. Under absolutely no circumstances should someone who needs to sit in a booster seat when riding in a car be allowed to make life-altering choices like that. And the mother herself should be put down for even entertaining the thought. The kids finger painting giraffes and eating glue and somehow people with educations that trample mine think him having child-like wonder and a good imagination means he can weigh the effects changing his entire identity will have on him for the rest of his life. Its bat-shit crazy this is being allowed to happen. How are there not laws that put age limits on when people can make these choices? He can’t drive a car not made by Little Tikes yet he can choose to butcher his dick. That’s something he shouldn’t be doing for another few years, and in a more pleasurable way to his adolescent self. Not in one that will force him to sit and pee for the rest of his days on Earth. Plus, doesn’t he know if he goes through with this, that he’s gonna get cooties?

Why rush the decision. Its unbelievable to me that it should even have to be argued that someone should have to finish ELEMENTARY school before deciding what they want to be for the rest of their life. Most people don’t even know when they’re in college. This kid is learning how to add single digits during the day still and his mother thinks his playing dress up at night qualifies him to make the decision to be a girl. 1 dick minus 1 dick equals 0 dicks, James. Someone should teach him that and let him wait a little before they go through with the choppity chop, at least until he can see a PG-13 movie alone.

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