Halloween stickers offend kid

In simpler times, the main outrage we’d hear people complaining about regarding Halloween would be towards those who dared to be stupid enough to dress in blackface for their costume. Admittedly, that anger is kinda warranted, though that doesn’t mean it no longer happens. However, in a constant need to get attention for being the most “woke” individual of all time, people have moved on to other issues to get to stomp their feet and allow their soft skinned, cry-baby tears to flow in a fit of triggered and offended keyboard rage.

There can be a plethora of images associated with racism and intolerance that will inevitably lead to the pampered babies with twitter accounts to cry foul. Not to say they’re always wrong, if someone is painting swastikas on walls or writing the N word then any backlash and anger is pretty fair and honestly those who are assholes enough to have used those images deserve a swift kick in the balls and whatever other punishments can be dished out. Except now, people have decided that the obvious racist and hateful imagery isn’t enough for them to salivate their “woke” glands anymore, they need to find things that have never been an issue to now pout in their safe space boxes over.

In a McDonalds in Massachusetts, someone has decided that the Halloween decorations being displayed were too offensive for them to be able to choke down their Big Mac through all their guilty anger. A college kid (of course) got to the register and noticed some Halloween themed stickers were too much for their virgin eyes, as one set displayed someone being hanged from a tree. The person was just displayed as a black silhouette, so no race/gender/religious creed was being portrayed, so where the false outrage stemmed from is unclear. Not only that, the kid bitching about it is some white dude who looks like he could naturally be Shrek every year for Halloween with absolutely no need for makeup or costume.

If you didn’t grasp that, let me break it down in simpler terms: College Kid Offended by Sticker. Seriously, a fucking sticker! Of something that has long been associated with the imagery of Halloween, a holiday that people subject themselves to going through Haunted Houses yearly and watching horror movies consisting of dolls come to life to murder people as well as other horror icons killing people in increasingly gruesome ways. Now though, the idea of someone being hanged is not allowed, and instead is a symbol of racism. Even if it’s of a raceless scarecrow, or a bare-bones skeleton, or a silhouette of a figure with no discernible features, it’s somehow only to now be associated with lynchings of black people that anger the whitest of college kids with nothing better to do with their time, hoping for some likes on social media to give them the gratification they so eagerly desire that their parents never could.

The Office had a scene in one of their Halloween cold openings that showed Michael Scott hanging himself in the haunted wearhouse for trick or treaters to see, then waking up to say something about how suicide is not the answer. NBC removed the scene from future episodes because of the perceived backlash they knew they’d get for those too stupid enough to be able to differentiate the hanging of someone with absolutely no hateful intent and a depiction of a racist lynching. Honestly, I’m waiting for the current cancel culture of cry babies who discovered the brilliance of The Office only recently to decide the antics of Michael Scott don’t fit their agenda and bitch about how offensive he was. It happened with Seinfeld, no reason it won’t with The Office.

I’m also no history buff, but I feel like, maybe at some point, white people were also subjected to being hanged. Maybe. Who knows. Maybe this potato nosed Shrek in Massachusetts will take a history course or two in college, when he’s not busy with his female studies, liberal arts and white racism classes and spending time crying alone in his safe space yelling about the cruelty of the world.

Also, how happy can he be that this has become an issue? He picked a pretty crazy mountain to die on. Is he going to brag to his friends about his name getting some recognition for this. How does he he explain it without getting to the main subtext that he basically is crying nationally about a sticker that hurt his feelings. Who the fuck gets offended at stickers? Those are for eating, not crying about.

Not everything is being done to offend, and the way things are moving, it’s impossible for people to be able to anticipate what actions they do that will cause someone to complain. People are taking their halloween decorations they’ve used for years out now and finding when they put them up, they’re no longer tolerable, and they’ve somehow become a racist overnight. Grow the fuck up and enjoy Halloween for what it is, half naked women running around with horns on their head as a costume, a time to binge watch scary movies, and the day before candy goes on an incredibly great 75% off sale.

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